SpatialModulation project

The SpatialModulation project proposes a new air interface, imbedded in the future 5G/WLAN interfaces. It will provide connectivity, with a high data rate, to a specific part of the internet-of-things: small, mobile and energy autonomous sensors. For instance, we expect small portable cameras to reach a higher autonomy by 2020. With the right wireless technology, they would send real time videos. Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) boosts the data rate. However, for our kind of sensor, a solution based on multiple Radio-Frequency (RF) chains and multiple antennas, is too costly, too energy consuming and too large. We therefore propose to revisit and jointly optimize two disruptive techniques to create a ‘smaller’ MIMO: Spatial Modulation MIMO (SM-MIMO) and Small Tunable Locally Resonant Antenna (STLRA). SM-MIMO will boost the data rate, but just with a single RF. STLRA will improve the compactness of the system. A proof of concept (FPGA platforms) and innovative signal processing schemes will be produced.

The consortium includes

  • Orange (leader)
  • Time Reversal Communications (ATOS-BULL group)
  • Centrale-Supelec
  • Institut Langevin
  • INSA-IETR Rennes
  • Télécom Bretagne
The project has started on the 1st of January 2016 and will last 42 months.
This project is funded by the French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche - ANR), and supported by Poles Images et Reseaux and Systematic.
Past related project : TRIMARAN

Some of our publications:
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To contact the authors:

INSA Rennes:
IMT Atlantique:
Institut Langevin, ESPCI
Centrale Supélec
We made two visual demonstrations on Transmit and Receive spatial modulations  at IEEE ICC 2017, in Paris, 21st-24th may 2017, at ORANGE booth, and had more than 200 visitors.
Here is our poster describing the demos :a0_icc_stand_poster_v1.pdf

The Orange Booth at ICC 2017 with two demos of the Project running in parallel
Yvan Kokar beside his setup for the visual demonstration of receive spatial modulation

Patrice Pajusco besides his setup for the visual demonstration of transmit spatial modulation (see the video: )

The transmit spatial modulation visual demonstration setup
The transmit spatial modulation visual demonstration setup

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